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WiseGuides give you personalized guidance, accelerating your progress towards a better life.


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WiseGuides helps build and implement fitness plans that work best for your life. You have unique strengths, weaknesses, goals, and preferences. To maintain a fitness program and get the most value, you must tailor the plans to your individual needs. Guides can learn your requirements, create plans that work for you, perform live training sessions, and provide updates to the program while keeping you accountable along the way.

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When you find the guide that is right for you, book an appointment at your earliest convenience. Tell your guide what you want assistance with and what services you require. Whether you want help creating a fitness plan, performing a workout, or staying on the path to success, WiseGuides are here to help.


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Log into your secure, online video chat session on WiseGuides. Your guide can answer questions, structure your program, lead you through exercises, and update your program to improve your results.

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Pay by the hour or message your guide for a custom rate. Send payments through in-app messaging to extend your session or purchase additional services from your guide.

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